How To Memorize Your Lyrics As A Rapper

Memorizing Lyrics

You can memorize your song in as little as one day.

Here’s how…

Hand Write Your Material

hand written lyrics

I know I know… With the advent of technology and all it’s so tempting to do it on your phone, which is what I see rappers using in the studio all the time.

I don’t tell them in that moment because by the time we are in the studio it’s too late but I’m telling you now…

Muscle memory is real. 

Ever watched the hit TV series from the 90’s called Seinfeld? That was a really funny show but my point here is that it was co-written with the main character, Jerry Seinfeld, using a yellow legal pad and pencil.

Yes, every line of every episode was written by hand.

Eminem is another artist well known for his interesting way of writing his lyrics down, ever seen the movie 8 Mile? He actually writes his lyrics like that, it wasn’t just for the movie. 

Attack Memorization (Singer Friendly Version)

memorizing for rappers

Some people learn through sound and others do better through visualization, so try this:

As you write your lyrics down for the second time, yes, if you really want to memorize them quickly write them down multiple times. Anyways, as you write them, color code different 0sections.

This color coding will give you clear reference points. For example, take a phone number…

661-245-3658 is easier to look at and remember than 6612453658, it’s the same when you use colors to break text apart, (I made that number up).

You can also draw pictures as you go.

This will help trigger your mind in the moment of recording.

When I was in high school I knew of a couple of students that were math geniuses and they would just doodle during math class. They weren’t goofing off they were actually taking notes in cartoon format.

Pretty crazy, right?!?

If you have kids just sit down and color with them, they can probably give you some good ideas. Kids are way more creative than us so-called adults.

Repetition Through Action And Listening To The Lyrics

Have you ever gone to school and learned something but never tried it in real life? How long do we really remember what we learned?

It’s no secret that we learn when we do, or take action.

Once you have your lyrics down, rap them, but do it as if it’s the real thing though.

At this point you should also record yourself doing this, if you don’t have recording equipment at home just do it on your phone.

This is how this works…

…You know when a song is being playing on the radio so much you don’t even have to like it and it will still get etched into your brain? Or around Christmas time, how every jingle gets stuck in your head?

Here’s what you do now:

After you record yourself make sure you are listening to your song over and over again.

Listen in the shower, car, before bed and when you wake up in the morning.

Well, I really really hope this helps you out. If it does don’t forget to let me know, I’m always on the look out for new comments. Also, if you know of some techniques not mentioned on this blog, make sure you let us know. What goes around comes around. 😉

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