The One Word That Can Make Or Break Your Song

how to write a song

This one word is actually known to be the most powerful word in the English language…

… According to a Yale study.

You might be thinking of love, but your thinking will prove to be flawed once you get to reading this post.

In a sense though you are right…

…All top songs involve love in one way or another, whether very sweet and romantic or raunchy sexual.


The Most Important 60 Seconds Of Your Life

If making it in the music industry is your passion then paying attention to what you put into the first 60 seconds of a song could literally make or break you.

You only have 60 seconds to “get” the listener so you better use them wisely, here are some tips from what all top pop and country songs have in common:

Nearly all songs reach the first use of the title in 60 seconds or less, Carly Rae Jepsen has been known to use the title up to 4 times in the first 60 seconds.

  •  Pop         – Average 8 second intros.
  • Country  – Average 14 second intros.
  • All songs that make it to the top use the pronoun You in the first 20 seconds of the start of the lyrics.

The Little Big Word You Need To Start Using Today

Important WordsYou, yes you.

In the music industry they call it “playing the you card.” I learned this after listening to Ralph Murphy’s speech on YouTube titled “How To Write A Hit!”

Ralph Murphy is the vice president of ASCAP and has written hit songs across all genres and countries, he also wrote the book Murphy’s Law of Songwriting.

No One Gives A Fuck If You Love Her

Murphy gives the example of listening to someone sing about how much they love her… well, you don’t really care, right?

But, if this person is singing about how much they love you, well now they have drawn you in, pulled you closer and you want to know more.

Important! Important! Important!

After hitting them with the all important “you.” You need to tell the listener why they are so important. Tell them all about them and how great they are.

The rest of the song must resonate with the listener…

  • Talk to them.
  • Talk about them.
  • Talk about a situation they heavily identify with.

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